Outdoor Carcoon (Double Skin)

Outdoor Carcoon (Double Skin)

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The Double Skin Carcoon is effectively ‘a bubble within a bubble’; this model is designed to help protect the vehicle in the sometimes hostile outdoor environment. The outdoor Carcoon uses two layers of a special alloy coated material with an insulating air gap between each skin, this configuration along with a thick insulated base mat and special materials provides unrivalled protection from the cold and damp just as effectively as it protects from high levels of Ultra Violet and Infra Red light in some of the more extreme climates.

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This double-skin carcoon provides unrivalled outdoor protection, blocking 99.9% of damaging UV rays, which can oxidize even the best paintwork.


Once paint starts to break down it becomes particularly vulnerable to attack from air-borne pollutants such as acid rain. Rubber seals are also damaged by UV, which can allow water inside to rapidly accelerate the rusting process.

The Carcoon creates a stabilized airflow around your precious vehicle, the unique ‘active airflow’ system comprising two air treatment units which operate continuously to provide super-atmospheric circulating airflow 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Importantly, the circulating air is taken from inside the storage unit itself, and effectively isolates the flow of air from the outside environment, thus protecting the vehicle from what ever extreme conditions are happening outside the Carcoon.

The Carcoon Power and Charge System is supplied with every Carcoon system. This unit will maintain the vehicle’s battery while in storage, and also provide back up power for the Carcoon if the mains (240 volt) power fails for any reason.

All you need to do is:

  1. Cover the garage floor with the base mat provided
  2. Park your car on the mat
  3. Place the top cover over the car and fasten to the base using the special zipper
  4. Plug in the power supply.

Five minutes later your car is stored in its own protected environment with nothing touching or resting on any part of the car!