Carcoon Systems

Carcoon is the ultimate automobile storage system to protect your precious investment. With it’s unique active airflow process, Carcoon sets a new standard in car covers and car care.


Indoor EVO Carcoon

This model is probably the most versatile Carcoon of all. The model comprises of a base mat and a seperate top cover. Simply drive the car onto the base mat and place the top cover over the car. Zip the top to the bottom, plug in the 110 power supply and you're finished.


Carcoon Bike Bubble

Bike bubble creates a mini protective environment around the bike. Within the storage environment air is continually re-circulated using Activated Carbon filters. The result of this inner circulation means the bike is effectively stored in its own clean room and protected from the elements during the damp winter months.


Indoor Veloce Carcoon

Development of the Veloce Carcoon was largely customer led. Our customers told us they love the protection offered by the original Carcoon and couldn't manage without it, however, they also told us that they would like to have quick access to their vehicle, allowing more frequent use.


Outdoor Carcoon

After introducing the indoor Carcoon airflow system (single skin) just over seventeen years ago our customers soon demanded a similar system that could be used outdoors. The development of the Outdoor Carcoon took over four years of testing and development in both hot and cold climates. Effectively the outdoor..


Parts & Accessories

We sell additional replacement parts and accessories from Protective Covers to Filters etc.

Indoor Coded Carcoon

The indoor ‘Coded’ model works just like the indoor clear EVO. As this model is non see-through, the ‘Coded Carcoon’ offers a little extra security where needed. This EVO Carcoon is designed for indoor use and consists of a separate base mat and top cover. Simply drive the car onto the base..


Carcoon Workstation

The new mobile Workstation is specifically designed to meet new and proposed legislation introduced to protect the environment from damaging emissions, in particular emissions from traditional materials commonly used in the repair of motor vehicles, for example paints, solvents, cleaners and fillers etc..


Custom Carcoons

Carcoon America can construct custom Carcoons for a number of specialized tasks. You can contact us to enquire about your custom requirements at any time.